Pupper HD - VRChat Avatar

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This is a canine avatar, made for use in VRChat. Has full facial visemes, face expression morphs, and is fullbody compatible. This model also comes with body customization blendshapes, for different body types, as well as facial and ear shape sliders, as well as "mane" and "hair" mesh pieces.

This purchase comes with a unitypackage file with a few compiled prefabs, substance painter files, textures, and a .blend.

This avatar also comes with dynamic digitigrade legs and MMD visemes! :D

The Pupper HD is an alternate and upgraded version of my original "Pupper" avatar, with various improvements such as new hands/paws, a new UV that utilizes more UV space for higher-res texturing, 3D eyelashes for no texture stretching when the eyes close, higher-definition chest area for higher quality feminine blendshapes, a new "howl", and Fluffy variants made with Warren's Fast Fur Shader.

Owners of the original Pupper can use a code, provided in the Pupper's main files, to get this avatar for free- and anyone who buys this avatar can get the original Pupper for free, using a code found in this avatar's files.

!!!!NOTE: THIS AVATAR IS NOT REFUNDABLE. This is a DIGITAL product- when you buy it, you gain access to digital files that cannot just be "taken back". You cannot "return" a digital product like you can a physical one. If you force a chargeback, I WILL fight it.

Uses GoGoLoco menus, as well as Warren's Fast Fur Shader for the "Fluffy" variant. Uses Poiyomi Pro(although Poiyomi Toon should function and convert well enough) for the non-fluffy variants.

If you are having any technical issues with the avatar, join my avatar Discord and ask for tech help, OR add me on Discord(Tosca#8203) for tech help, rather than immediately assuming that the avatar is "broken" and trying to force a chargeback.

You MUST use the "plantigrade" version of the avatar for Quest. This is because Quest does not support the constraints necessary to move the legs with the digitigrade rig. Visually, there is no difference, but the bone setup is. The digitigrade version WILL NOT work on Quest. If you upload to Quest and your legs aren't moving, this is why.

Also, if your eyes appear black, turn off the eye lens- there's a blendshape for that.




- You may customize this model however you like- you can even make public cloneable avatars with it.

- You may take commissions using this model, however if you're giving files, the other party must have also bought the model. You may also not upload commissioned avatars to the other party's account if they do not own the avatar off of Gumroad, you may only keep it as publicly cloneable on your own account. If a commissioner wants it private, they need to buy the avatar from me.

- Do not give out the model files to anyone that has not already bought and paid for it, for any reason.

- You MAY edit this model and then sell edits as bases for others to use, provided that anyone buying your base has bought the original model in the first place. You may sell mods of this model, but only to people who already own it.

- If you are commissioning someone else for textures for this model, and they do not already own the files, you may ONLY give out the substance file, and the substance file ONLY, for them to texture. If someone is compiling the entire avatar for you, or doing anything besides retextures, they must own it, or you will need to buy it for them.

- Reuploading or reselling this avatar or any of its included files, anywhere, where people can freely access it without paying for it directly from this page, is expressly prohibited. Respect artists, don't pirate our work or redistribute it. I work hard on my avatars and this is, quite literally, my only source of income. I will pursue violators to the fullest extent of the law if caught, because this is my livelihood and I ask for that to be respected.

- By purchasing this avatar, you hereby agree to all of these terms, accepting them as a legally binding agreement.


Join my Discord for model updates, avatar help, avatar mods, WIPs, etc: discord.gg/7bkHRWPSwt

You can also join my Pupper community server, here: discord.gg/7bkHRWPSwt

====== CHANGELOG ==========
1/8/23 - Added a few new blendshapes for the foot-paws, fixed the 'eyes wide' MMD blendshapes, did some weighting fixes on the hands, and added a touched up and improved version of the default texture, done by Simmer. Also fixed a problem with the Plantigrade version's hands.

1/12/23 - Fixed a small issue where the eyes were SLIGHTLY off center in Substance, which kind of broke the symmetry of the eye textures, and added a new variant model- the Death Wolf! This variant is, of course, highly inspired by Death, from Puss In Boots 2: The Last Wish. It even comes with its own custom teeth! It IS compatible with existing textures, assuming you haven't added extra detailing to the teeth and gums, and its textures are also compatible with the normal Pupper. However, the teeth/gums UVs ARE slightly different, and as such it comes with its own Substance file.

Currently, the Death Wolf does not have a 'fluffy' variant, however it is planned to have one eventually. However, it will need custom grooming as the normal Fluffy Pupper fur doesn't look right on it, so I've decided to go ahead and release as is for now.

2/6/2023 - Massive visual update, as well as a big update to the rig for better functioning digilegs. The Death Wolf variant remains untouched currently, but the "Tall" and "Normal" variants(+ the Fluffy counterparts) have received a large visual overhaul, including topology improvements in some areas, better hand posing, brand new ears and teeth, and better quality tail fluff.

The UV remains mostly the same, except for the teeth and ears, + the new tail fluff parts. Existing textures can be applied to the new model and updated for the new ears etc. by exporting black/white images of each layer, and then applying them as a 'mask' in the new Substance file. (Set tiling to 1, position to 0,0).

2/7/2023 - Re-added StomachShape blendshape, fixed a few MMD blendshapes with clipping issues with the eyelashes as well as fixed one MMD blendshape that broke the eye lens.

2/17/2023 - Fixed weighting issues on planti versions, + added extra fluff mesh parts.

4/18/2023 - To be honest, I'm 90% sure I had an update WIP a few months ago that I just... never released. Unless I did and I forgot. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember what exactly I did, except that it was probably something minor like blendshape fixes idk. HOWEVER I have also just added two new blendshapes for use with clothing, to reduce clipping, for the Tall Pupper.

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Pupper HD - VRChat Avatar

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