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Vernid HD - VRChat Avatar

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This is a customizable VRChat avatar based on the Vernid open species by LiLaiRa. Has full facial visemes, face expression morphs, and is fullbody compatible. This model also comes with body customization blendshapes, for different body types, as well as facial and ear shape sliders, as well as multiple hair/mane mesh pieces.

This purchase comes with a unitypackage file with a few compiled prefabs, substance painter files, textures, and a .blend.

This avatar also comes with dynamic digitigrade legs and MMD visemes! :D

The Vernid HD is an alternate and upgraded version of my original "Vernid" and "Vernid Redux" avatars, essentially completely remade in much higher quality and with a slightly toonier style, featuring many improvements such as more expressiveness, better anatomy and topology in many places, nicer fluff parts, etc!

Now with full face tracking as of 7/5/23!!

Owners of the original Vernid avatars can use a code that will be received via email, to get this avatar for free. This applies only to those who already owned my other Vernid avatars prior to the release of this one, and this code does not go backwards. The reasoning for this is to discourage people leaking the code and basically enabling people to pirate the avatar.

!!!!NOTE: THIS AVATAR IS NOT REFUNDABLE. This is a DIGITAL product- when you buy it, you gain access to digital files that cannot just be "taken back". You cannot "return" a digital product like you can a physical one. If you force a chargeback, I WILL fight it.

Uses GoGoLoco menus, and Poiyomi Pro for the shader.

If you are having any technical issues with the avatar, join my avatar Discord and ask for tech help, OR add me on Discord(Tosca#8203) for tech help, rather than immediately assuming that the avatar is "broken" and trying to force a chargeback.

!!Extra Note: While I do provide a mesh option that enables horns on this model, a Vernid with horns is referred to as a "Royal Vernid" and is a closed species. I provide this option for owners of Royal Vernids to be able to make their characters on this avatar- I mean no disrespect to the owner of the species by including this as an option. If using the Royal version(i.e. enabling horns or using the included Royal Vernid prefab), I suggest making sure you have bought a Royal Vernid character or the right to make one from the creator:

You MUST use the "plantigrade" version of the avatar for Quest. This is because Quest does not support the constraints necessary to move the legs with the digitigrade rig. Visually, there is no difference, but the bone setup is. The digitigrade version WILL NOT work on Quest. If you upload to Quest and your legs aren't moving, this is why.

Also, if your eyes appear black, turn off the eye lens- there's a blendshape for that.




- You may customize this model however you like- you can even make public cloneable avatars with it.

- You may take commissions using this model, however if you're giving files, the other party must have also bought the model. You may also not upload commissioned avatars to the other party's account if they do not own the avatar off of Gumroad, you may only keep it as publicly cloneable on your own account. If a commissioner wants it private, they need to buy the avatar from me.

- Do not give out the model files to anyone that has not already bought and paid for it, for any reason.

- You MAY edit this model and then sell edits as bases for others to use, provided that anyone buying your base has bought the original model in the first place. You may sell mods of this model, but only to people who already own it.

- If you are commissioning someone else for textures for this model, and they do not already own the files, you may ONLY give out the substance file, and the substance file ONLY, for them to texture. If someone is compiling the entire avatar for you, or doing anything besides retextures, they must own it, or you will need to buy it for them.

- Reuploading or reselling this avatar or any of its included files, anywhere, where people can freely access it without paying for it directly from this page, is expressly prohibited. Respect artists, don't pirate our work or redistribute it. I work hard on my avatars and this is, quite literally, my only source of income. I will pursue violators to the fullest extent of the law if caught, because this is my livelihood and I ask for that to be respected.

- By purchasing this avatar, you hereby agree to all of these terms, accepting them as a legally binding agreement.


Join my Discord for model updates, avatar help, avatar mods, WIPs, etc:

====== CHANGELOG ==========
4/30/23 - Fixed an issue with the Planti-rigged model having empty physbone components. (They are now properly assigned to the toes like they should be.)

- Added 3D-modelled scales to the face, and added optional body scales and cheek spikes. Facial spikes have been optimized to be usable with full manes and horns at below 70k polys, however adding the body scales on top of that will push you over 70k when using full mane and horns(even without horns probably tbh), so a "head only" mane is recommended in that case.

- Adjusted the UV for the ears and horns, slightly, in order to increase ear texture resolution a bit. A split Substance FBX file has been included in this update, you should be able to easily re-project your custom textures by importing it, although the ears will likely need tweaks as the reprojection on the ears is not 100% perfect. Scale normals also got somewhat broken by the 3D scales being added, so I remade them. If you want the new normal-mapped scales on your texture, you can create a smartmaterial from the "Scales" folder in the new default .spp, and then apply that to your texture.

5/4/22 - Made the BrowFurrow L/R and BrowRaise L/R blendshapes actually functional, fixed an issue with the GrinL/R blendshapes and the under eye scales.

- Adjusted hair mesh to bring the hair tufts a bit further down the back on the full mane, + added new "half" hair variants. Adjusted .spp file so that the hair in Substance now matches its current appearance, as well as added the "half" hairs. Included new Substance FBX in the files, so that textures can be updated to the new hair meshes. UVs are the same, however, so this isn't entirely necessary- this is just to fix accuracy, more or less.

- Fixed a weighting issue that caused the butt fluff to be weighted to the tail bones... not actually sure if that was a thing in the last update or if I had accidentally broke something later and then had to fix it or not, but... it's fixed now.

7/5/23 - This update is a bit later than originally intended, to the point I've kind of forgotten some of what I'd done when I initially started working on it- however, it is nothing drastic, more just minor improvements, as well as the addition of face tracking! The Vernid HD now has proper facetracking blendshapes, with separate FT prefabs in their own "Facetracking" folder.

7/27/23 - Apparently, v4 exported incorrectly and was actually missing the Facetracking prefabs. So, I have re-exported and reuploaded the .unitypackage, so now you should be able to use the Facetracking version!

8/25/23 - OKAY- this SHOULD be the final fix necessary. Some things only came to my attention recently, so I only just now got to fixing them.

- Fixed a strange weighting issue on the digi version's left eye, which resulted in... really weird eye issues.

- Fixed the FT prefabs for some reason using the wrong FBX, resulting in them not actually using the FT blendshapes

- Fixed the EarControl, TailControl, TailSway etc. parameters not existing in the parameters menu. (Ear puppet should work now... hopefully.)

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Vernid HD - VRChat Avatar

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